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Mar 06, 2016 Television licensing in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia In the United Kingdom and the Crown dependencies, any household watching or recording live television transmissions as they are being broadcast (terrestrial, satellite, cable, or Internet) is required to hold a television licence.Businesses, hospitals, schools and a range of other organisations are also required to hold television licences to watch and record live TV broadcasts. iPlayer viewers must have TV licence but BBC can’t track

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You need a TV Licence to watch or record programmes on a TV, computer or other device as they're broadcast, and to watch on-demand BBC programmes on iPlayer

download or watch any BBC programmes on iPlayer. If you need to cancel your licence (and receive a refund if applicable) please call us on: 0300 790 6068* – If you pay by Direct Debit or all in one go. Please have your licence number to hand and choose the option to cancel your licence. 0300 555 0300* – If you pay by TV Licensing payment card. 33,000 young people caught without TV Licence, but here’s Oct 18, 2017 Licence fee and funding - About the BBC Funding through the TV licence. A standard TV licence is currently £157.50. A TV licence is required if you: watch or record live TV programmes on any channel